Drop-In and Discover!

Drop-In and Discover presents the opportunity for children and their caregivers to learn and explore together. These workshops are included with admission on Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. and take place upstairs in the Annenberg Classroom (unless otherwise noted). No enrollment is necessary, but check with the front desk to see if there is a necessary limit of participants for the program.


January 7
Sounds All Around
: Buzz, crackle, bang — sound is everywhere! Discover how sound travels and how your ears hear.

January 14
Famous Landmarks
: Creative builders come together in this SCRAP Gallery presentation on building using recycled materials!

January 21
Puppet Palooza
: It’s fun to have a puppet show! Discover puppets of the world and create your very own playful paper puppet character!

January 28
Everyday Yoga:
Start each day off right with these simple and calming yoga postures, presented by Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor Courtney Rinker.


February 4
Happy, Healthy Pets:
Pets are like family! Learn to care for your pet and keep them healthy and happy. Presented by Animal Samaritans.

February 11
Valentine’s Day Cards:
Roses are red, violets are blue, we’d love to make Valentine’s Day cards with you! Join us to make cards for loved ones and the Museum.

February 18
Empowerment for Everyone!
: Every voice counts and every story matters! Empower yourself and your child with these tips presented by Christopher’s Clubhouse.

February 25
Yoga for Stress Relief:
Cultivate joy and happiness with these yoga postures for stress relief. Presented by Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor Courtney Rinker.



March 4
Kids on the Move: 
Keep children happy and healthy by making fitness fun. In this presentation by Anytime Fitness, children will learn the building blocks of good health.

March 11
Seeds of Life
: Gardening with your children nurtures a lifetime of love and respect for nature. Learn how to start seeds and care for them indoors.

March 18
Insect Mania:
Enjoy Attack of the Bloodsuckers and then learn how bugs and insects are different from each other and how they are observed, classified, and live in their habitat.

March 25
Yoga for Good Posture:
The first benefit of a regular yoga practice is that it brings awareness, and good posture is all about being aware of your body. Here is where yoga will help. Practice body awareness with Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor Courtney Rinker.