Drop-In and Discover!

Drop-In and Discover presents the opportunity for children and their caregivers to learn and explore together. These workshops are included with admission on Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted). 

July 8
USA Games!: Come and learn about your relative location. Starting with your street and expanding to your state, use your very own personal experience to design a map maze of where you are on a USA map. Then use the USA map to test your knowledge answering trivia questions about our country.

July 15
USA Maps!: Come and make a United States puzzle to take home with you. But first stay a while and join in the map trivia challenge and create a road map leading from your favorite local destination in your town to your front door.

July 22
Bald Eagles! The American Bird: Learn about our feather wearing American symbol, then make your very own Bald Eagle.

July 29
USA Games!: Challenge yourself! First create your own states gameboard, then use the challenge cards to make your way across the country to the next destination. See who can get there first!