Think...Explore...Do is an enrollment program designed specifically for children ages 5 and older. Each class presents kids with the opportunity for hands-on engagement and in-depth learning about a specific topic all while having fun at the Museum. Classes are offered on Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. and are $5 per child.

APRIL: Bugs & Butterflies
“Stained Glass” Butterflies: There are 20,000 species of butterflies in the world, each unique and special in its own way. What’s your favorite butterfly? Create a “stained glass” butterfly that glows in the light.

April 8
Butterfly Garden: Attract a butterfly to your garden as you paint your own flower pot, plant a butterfly attracting flower, and learn all about the amazing life cycle of the butterfly.

April 29
A Mosquito’s Life: Ever wonder what it’s like to be a mosquito? Find out today! Create your own compound eye glasses to see life as a mosquito first hand.

MAY: The Great Outdoors
May 6
Sushi: Sushi is a great way to eat fresh vegetables. Learn how to create delightful California sushi rolls and then eat your yummy creation. No raw fish.

May 13
Birdfeeders: Love animals? Show your feathered friends some loves by making your own birdfeeder to hang at home.

May 20

Story Stones: Story stones use pictures to tell stories. You will paint your own unique set of stones to tell your favorite story.

May 27
Kites: Kites are the best way to enjoy a breezy spring day. What type of kite do you like best? You will make your own kite and take it out to fly in the wind.

JUNE: The Coachella Valley
June 3
The “Conchilla” Valley: Did you know that the Coachella Valley used to be a lake? The Valley was originally name la conchilla for the shell fossils discovered here. Become an archaeologist for the day as you learn about fossils and make your very own fossil art!

June 10
Salvation Mountain: Salvation Mountain, located near the Salton Sea, is a 50 foot tall painting on the side of a man-made mountain. You will be inspired by this impressive and unique work of art to create your own personal painting.

June 17
Terrarium in a Jar: Terrariums are small and unique environments that plants can grow in. Using desert succulents, create your own small terrarium in a jar to take home and care for.

June 24
Wind and Sun Catcher: The Coachella Valley is filled with sunshine and wind. As you enter the Coachella Valley you see the impressive wind turbines harnessing the power of the wind. You will create your own wind and sun catcher to hang at home and to watch twirl and glint.

*Workshop fee does not include admission to the Museum. Parents must accompany their child, but only need to pay the participant fee if making their own product.

CDMOD Credit Statement: A refund is given only when the Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert cancels the activity. CDMOD reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule programs. Credit is not given for absences.