Learn to tinker and tinker to learn.
Welcome to the Lowe’s MakerSpace! Our MakerSpace is about teaching children to think for themselves, to be creative, and to brainstorm solutions. It’s a space where children and their caregivers have the opportunity to make: a place where curiosity and wonder come together with hands-on explorations.

In the Lowe’s MakerSpace, you use your imagination to make things. You are encouraged to tinker, create, invent, repurpose, take apart, build, and discover using a variety of tools and materials. Our MakerSpace encourages creativity and wonder…inspiring the idea that anything is possible, when you put your mind to it.


PLAN – Think, Hypothesize, Design
MAKE – Create, Develop, Construct
PLAY – Experiment, Test, Evaluate
REPEAT – Start all over again!

Open daily for self-guided activities and is included with admission.

The Lowe’s MakerSpace was made possible by Lowe’s Heroes.