Teens Helping Today's Youth

Teen Volunteer Program

WHO: Caring teens ages 12-18, who enjoy working with children in a hands-on and educational atmosphere.

WHEN: Call or fill out the form below today to begin your after school, summer break and weekend adventure. Schedules are flexible to fit your calendar needs, your availability and your parents' transportation schedule.

We would like you to volunteer at least two times per month or organize school service group, most teens do more. Look at our calendar for the many different volunteer opportunities.

WHY: You can look forward to:

  • Finding a valued place in a constructive group
  • Real work experiences and resume building
  • Feeling a sense of worth as a person
  • Believing in a promising future with real opportunities
  • Finding ways of being useful to others through volunteering
  • Expressing constructive curiosity through real-life experiences
  • Showing your care for the community through hands-on activities
  • Simply . . . To have fun with new friends!

To submit an application to become a volunteer please fill out the form below.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or would like more information, please email: volunteer@cdmod.org, or call (760) 321-0602, ext. 112.