ToddlerTown is a safe and nurturing environment where toddlers and their grownups are invited to explore a variety of different hands-on, play-based learning activities. These experiences are designed to develop the physical, social, and cognitive skills that are the foundation for life-long success.

Special Programming Monday through Friday!

  • Dramatic Play and Story Time Mondays
  • Science and Nature Tuesdays
  • All Day Messy Play Wednesdays
    • Make sure to bring an extra set of clothes! Your child will need it!!
  • Healthy Choice Thursdays
  • Music and Movement Fridays

ToddlerTown activities are based on the latest research in early childhood development.

: Dramatic Play and Story Time
Monday is a special day filled with dress-up clothes, puppets, movement, and laughter! Dramatic play is something that children do naturally as they make sense of the world. They enjoy expressing themselves and experimenting with role-playing. This type of play builds imaginative thinking, problem-solving, and often increases confidence and self-awareness.

Story Time at 10:30 a.m.
Bring you little to a Story Time made just for them! We’ll explore books with songs, finger rhymes, felt board activities, or music makers. Parents will also come away with great ideas to extend the literacy experience at home. Studies have shown that reading to young children can increase their language and communication skills. It boosts their overall learning potential as well as enhancing cognitive development and confidence.

Story Time is included with admission and takes place in ToddlerTown.

**Please be advised the Museum is closed on Mondays from September 5 through November 13, 2017. Monday programming will resume on November 20, 2017.**

: Science and Nature
Children are natural investigators. They innately observe, hypothesize, experiment, and collect data. On Science and Nature Tuesdays we provide toddlers with opportunities to use and expand these cognitive skills. They are able to explore materials, problem-solve, and think creatively through many hands-on experiments and activities. Basic science and nature principles are introduced in a super fun and engaging way.

: All Day Messy Play
Bring your toddler (and a change of clothes!) to get messy with us on Wednesdays! From water-play to painting with our feet, we are having a blast while using our senses to explore and discover our world!

Healthy Choice
Healthy Choice Thursdays are a great way to instill healthy living habits! Come exercise and have fun in activities that teach our toddlers to take care of their minds and bodies. We have the responsibility of teaching our young children the importance of healthy choices like drinking more water and getting plenty of rest. This information is vital to their future well-being and ability to succeed.

: Music and Movement
Music and movement activities are fun and powerful ways to help young children develop phonemic awareness, social-emotional skills, and motor skills. Young children love music! It’s a wonderful sensory experience and the rhythm, beat, melody and tempo in music is directly linked to the development of basic math concepts such as counting, patterning, and sequencing.

Movement in early childhood builds muscle, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Children can also gain confidence through body awareness and self-expression. So join us for an energetic day full of exciting activities that help our toddlers grow!!

“In order to grow and learn, the human brain needs to be stimulated by sensory experiences that take place within a rich and varied environment…a child needs to see, touch, hear, taste and smell, to play, explore and experiment…”

-Vea Vecchi (1998) Reggio Children

Come make a mess… And we’ll handle the clean-up!