About Us

Why a Children’s Museum?

Occasionally a visitor asks why a parent or guardian is asked to stay with their child during a visit to the Museum. Our answer is best expressed by our passionate belief in our greater mission to families in addition to the educational experience of children. It is important to remember that a child’s motivation to learn depends on meaningful activities and a supportive environment where imagination and curiosity are encouraged. You are a primary teacher and partner in learning with your child and no one is more important to him or her than you. This is a great opportunity to discover the emerging personalities of children. We hope that by visiting the Museum and participating in its programs or special interest activities you will be provided with an opportunity to better understand your child’s interests and discover new ways to encourage their natural curiosity through activities at home and school. Remember our CDMOD motto, It’s Not Just Play, It’s Serious Fun!

Who We Are:
The Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert is a private non-profit, 501(c)3 institution founded in 1986 by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to provide an environment where children’s intellectual curiosity and self-expression could be freely expressed through play. Their goal was to provide inventive and interactive exhibits and programs which encourage children to learn about themselves and the world around them.

What We Do:
Today, The Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert is where youth, families, teachers and the community collaborate and participate in joint projects and partnerships in learning…It is where we celebrate the rich cultural diversity of the Coachella Valley, and broaden understanding and tolerance. Currently the museum serves over 65,000 people per year.

Where We Are:
The Museum’s beautiful campus is located at 71-701 Gerald Ford Drive, Rancho Mirage. The six and a half acre site was donated by The Honorable Walter Annenberg and the Annenberg Foundation and the facilities were built with the donation of public and private funds. Its proximity to Interstate 10 provides excellent access for the Valley’s more than 70,000 school children.

Celebrating over 30 years of playful learning!

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