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Playing Together: Games

Play King Tut’s favorite game of Senet. Challenge a friend to a game of Skittles or Mancala. Play chess on a giant chessboard with huge game pieces. Play a multitude of games that span generations and cultures in the traveling exhibit Playing Together: Games.

Playing Together: Games is divided into game categories of strategy, math, coordination and physical skills, and racing to the finish. The focal point is an oversized chessboard with giant game pieces. In one area visitors invent their own games using various playing pieces, game boards and timers. In the “House of Cards” playing area, visitors can play a variety of other board games while they visit the exhibit.

One of the earliest three-in-a-row games, Nine Men’s Morris is a strategy game in the exhibit that inspired games like checkers, chess and backgammon. Boc-Tin, a Chinese game, is a version of Shut the Box that was played by French sailors aboard ships many years ago.

Senet is one of the earliest racing games, dating back over 3,000 years. It was discovered in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs and carved into roof tiles of ancient temples.

A coordination and physical skills game, Hopscotch dates back to Roman times and almost every country in the world has a variation. Museum visitors can throw bean bags on the numbers and jump their way to victory on an indoor Hopscotch court.

In addition to playing games, one area focuses on how people react to winning and losing games. Photographs capture people’s faces after they won or lost a game. Visitors can try to guess what the outcome was from their facial expressions.

Playing Together: Games is included with museum admission.