Gingerbread Houses



Remember: Bring a bag of candy to share with the other families, and to help make your house unique! 

Check-in starts 15 minutes prior to the session. Please, be ready to check in at the Front Desk. 


Helpful Tips for Decorating a House with Your Family:

1. Encourage Creativity! We always encourage the children to do most of the creating. As adults, we need your help placing the candies. Try asking questions: “Where do you want me to put this candy?” “Do you want to make a pattern?” “How many of this color?” 

2. Mess is OK! Children’s motor skills are not fully developed yet and they will make a mistake, sometimes resulting in a mess. Please, don’t get mad or raise your voices. Simply smile and remember, you’re in our space and we will help with the cleanup. 

3. Breathe, Relax, and Enjoy! No matter what the house looks like, it will be perfect! Soak up the moment and create new memories as a family. You might even find a new family tradition here at CDMOD! 

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